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Although Blackjack became popular at the time of the World War I, the game’s roots can be traced way back to France in the 1760s, and then it was named Vingt-et-Un meaning 21. Nowadays, Blackjack is played in all gambling casinos in the around the world.

How Do You Play Black Jack

Blackjack begins with the cards being dealt. However, before this, every punter places a bet, with chips, in the designated area. Both maximum and minimum limits are set up for the wagering, with the general limits being from $2 – $500. Then the dealer shuffles parts of the pack thoroughly till all the cards are mixed well and asks a player to cut.

Once the players place their wagers, the dealer offers a single card with its face up, to every player in a clockwise manner, and at last a card face up for himself. This is repeated a second time. Winning strategy in the game needs the players play every hand in the best possible manner, and such tactics should take into consideration the dealer’s upturned card. While playing, punters try to beat their dealer by gaining a count that is as near to the number 21 as possible, but not more than 2, or you go bust.

Rules of Blackjack

For playing Blackjack a standard 52 card deck is used without the jokers. Casinos usually use more than one deck shuffled together, named a shoe. This is done to expedite the game, as well as to render counting cards more difficult.

The number of decks varies from one casino to another, with about 2 to 8 decks in a shoe. The frequency of reshuffling the cards is according to the number of the decks in use. Frequent re-shuffling discourages the value of counting cards.

In casinos, the game goes on a table that is specially designed for the purpose. Casinos employ a permanent dealer, with sufficient room to include a maximum of eight players at the same time. The punters play against the casino dealer, with players having their own allotted playing space before them, to place cards and make bets.

Betting limits ought to be posted clearly on a sign kept on the blackjack table. Usually, a few of the main rules, like as well as “Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17’s” and “Blackjack pays 3 to 2” remain printed on the Blackjack table itself.

Chips are needed to play the game, with the players buying their chips straight from the dealer. This is done whenever there is a break while playing, and they place cash on the table for the dealer to change it into playing chips for the value.

The following are the denominations of the chips:

• $ 1 for white chips

• $5 for red chips

• $25 for green chips

• $100 for black chips.

Play Blackjack in Your Mobile

Most online casinos have developed the necessary software to play Blackjack on your mobile phones, tablets, and phablets running on Android, Window, and iPod. This enables them to play their favorite card game while on the go, thus making the game more convenient and versatile.

Count Cards

Counting cards is a system that allocates point scores to various ranks of cards.

• 1 point for 2 to 6

• 0 point for 7 to 9

• 1 point for 10 to A.

When you expose a card, the counter adds the score of the particular card, making a total, termed the ‘count’. This count is used by the card counter to make playing and betting decisions.

Other Card Games

Other card games played are baccarat, roulette, and craps.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is played at a table, with live dealers such as a poker dealer or croupier, from video slot machines, in the true brick and mortar casino ambiance.